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Who We Are

We are a brand marketing management & consulting company in the greater Nashville area. For over 18 years (cg) has helped businesses, organizations, and brands grow and get noticed. We specialize in providing brand management solutions and digital marketing services, delivering value for our clients and their customers. Our story started back in 2003, when Corey Gonzalez, a.k.a. (cg), and his team launched S1, helping artists and brands make music and get noticed in Los Angeles & Orange County, CA. We produced, managed, and participated in hundreds of projects and helped countless artists, professionals, businesses, and brands achieve results along the way. In 2015, we narrowed our focus from a 360˚ music label, recording studio, and full-service creative agency to a brand marketing agency and relocated to operations to Nashville, TN.

Today, we provide brand management solutions and digital marketing services focused on delivering value for our clients and their customers. We are brand-focused, customer-focused, and most of all, value-focused.

What We Believe

We believe strategy is step #1 on the path to success and every professional, business, and brand has an opportunity to stand out and connect with their customers. Often, businesses operate below their potential. They struggle with positioning their brand for success or marketing what they do best.

Why We Exist

(cg) Brand Solutions exists to help clients and partners build, grow, and get to where they want to be.

Where We Work

We are based in Nashville, TN and serve clients in the US.

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brand management marketing support services nashville, tn BRAND MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING SUPPORT TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS We provide virtual CMO services, brand management and integrated marketing support for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. GET STARTED NOW
The Brand Marketing Support Plan focuses on 3 areas
01 Strategic Solutions

Develop your strategy

We start by developing a strategic brand marketing strategy to create a clear message and a clear plan to grow, which ultimately strengthens your brand and makes your marketing more effective.

02 Brand & Content Management

Strengthen your presentation

Our second focus will be on developing and managing your brand touchpoints and the content needed to share what you do best. These elements are crucial in getting your brand noticed.

03 Marketing Support

Promote your business

The final area will focus on developing and managing an advertising and marketing plan that will increase brand awareness and customer engagement in order to help grow and meet your objectives.

cg brand solutions marketing consulting manager virtual cmo fractional nashville tn


We can serve as your virtual CMO or outsourced marketing manager providing integrated management + brand marketing support that can grow with your company.

By subscribing to this plan, you’ll gain access to (cg) and his 18+ years of business and brand marketing expertise, strategy, management, guidance, insight, and marketing support.

Corey Gonzalez a.k.a. (cg) will partner with you and your team to help you grow and achieve your business, branding, and marketing goals. He’ll provide a framework to keep the project moving forward, develop strategic solutions to help you grow, identifying problems that need solving, and help implement strategies for success.

(cg) provides weekly management and brand marketing support + strategy sessions

Our Management + Brand Marketing Support Plan is designed to help you grow and achieve your goals. You gain access to our core services and (cg) is available to serve as your virtual CMO, Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, or whatever title sounds right. The weekly involvement is based on the plan selected and can ranges between 0.5-1+ days per week. In collaboration with you, (cg) will develop a plan and then design the best marketing and management strategies to meet your priorities and budget. (cg) will manage the integrated program and be available to participate in a weekly or bi-weekly meeting.

This plan involves (cg) helping with the planning, development, and management of the project(s). Hands-on design, digital media, or plan execution are not covered in the Brand Marketing Support Plan and will be handled as stand-alone, one-time projects or agency services billed as add-on monthly services.

We Manage It For You!
Involvement is based on the plan and (cg) can do the following:

Under our Brand Marketing Support Plan (cg) can provide:

✓ Access to our core services (Analysis, Strategy, Brand Development, Content Development, Consulting, Coaching, Support, Management)
✓ Integrated virtual management for your brand marketing project(s)
✓ Goal tracking and performance monitoring for all brand & marketing project(s)
✓ Creation, management and review of your brand and marketing strategy
✓ Development of a feasible marketing plan and implementation oversight
✓ Leadership and coordination of campaigns across appropriate channels
✓ Marketing budget management for all projects and initiatives
✓ Direct point of contact for all marketing and branding topics
✓ Management and result tracking for marketing and ad campaigns
✓ Assurance that your content is in-line with overall strategy and objectives
✓ Data analysis to measure KPIs of activities and campaigns against goals
✓ Recurring review to identify and resolve issues before they become problems
✓ Ongoing reporting and actionable insights

(cg) works with a limited amount of Support clients.
Management + Marketing Support is sold out through the end of 2021.

Please consider our consulting option in the meantime.


The best way to grow your business and increase sales is to build a brand marketing system to attract new customers, nurture existing ones, and elevate your brand’s position. The good news is, we can help!

While great products and service can help you retain customers and expand via word-of-mouth, a well built strategic brand marketing program can help your business grow and scale continuously. Think of it as an investment in your future success! According to Gartner’s 2020 CMO survey, companies spend an average of 11% of their annual revenue on marketing.

“The amount of revenue businesses allocate to marketing has increased steadily over the past 10 years, with average marketing percentage of revenue landing around 13% in 2021, compared to just 8% in 2011.

B2B Product industries allocate, on average, roughly 10% of revenue to marketing, which is similar to B2C Services (10.1%). B2B Services and B2C Product allocate higher numbers of 15% and 18%, respectively, of total revenue.” From a recent Hubspot article

We created the Brand Marketing Support Plan to assist startups and small businesses who want to grow, have a marketing budget, and are willing to invest in an integrated brand marketing support & management program custom tailored to help them achieve their business, brand, and marketing goals.
When to hire (cg) for management & marketing support?
  • Things are not getting done on schedule.
  • Sales and growth have stagnated.
  • Your ambitions exceed your capabilities.
  • Your message and presentation can be stronger.
  • Your marketing budget is based on % of revenue or it can be.
  • You want a partner to help manage your brand and marketing.
typical marketing budget percent of revenue spent on marketing budget 2021
percent % revenue spent on marketing budget
percent % revenue spent on marketing budget by employee count


Corey Gonzalez a.k.a. (cg) can serve as your virtual CMO, Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, or whatever title sounds right.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

The Chief Marketing Officer or CMO is generally responsible for planning, developing, implementing and monitoring the overall business marketing strategy. Some of the duties may include market research, pricing, product marketing, marketing communications, advertising and public relations.

Marketing Director

The Marketing Director leads and guides the efforts of the marketing department. Marketing director duties might include overseeing assigned accounts or the entire marketing department, monitoring and evaluating project activities and results, and directing research efforts.

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager promotes the business, services, products, and brand. They develop marketing and pricing strategies, generate new business leads, and oversee marketing department staff. They also manage marketing budgets and analyze trends.

Brand Manager

The Brand Manager is responsible for developing brand strategies, promoting brand growth and expansion, implementing brand plans, and using a variety of data to drive volume and profitability. In their essence, brand managers are focused on achieving brand business objectives in the short and long term.

Here Are The Main Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Brand Marketing Support Plan

We get it. You’re busy and you need help with your marketing. You’ve tried working with agencies or marketing experts in the past and you haven’t found a good fit. We’ve been there too! We are not your typical marketing people, we have built and managed businesses outside of the marketing services industry. We bring a different perspective and our strategies and marketing approach are always brand-focused, customer-focused, and most of all, value-focused.

Receive dedicated, ongoing, and structured support from (cg)

Get business and brand marketing solutions, advice, and guidance when you need it

Have your brand, marketing, and resources managed for you

Strengthen your brand strategy, touchpoints, and presentation

Build a scalable marketing program tailored to fit your needs and budget

Gain a trusted partner to support and help grow your brand and business

Let's Get in Touch

We’re focused on helping our clients move forward, grow, and achieve their goals.

Check out what some of our clients say:

We are passionate about what we do and care a lot about helping our clients and partners succeed.

Corey is extremely knowledgeable in his field! He is able to simplify marketing, branding, and messaging so that you feel empowered to execute it in your everyday work life. His ability to see the big picture and then create actionable steps is priceless.


Spring Hill Chamber | Spring Hill, TN

Corey's knowledge and expertise never ceases to amaze me. I am very impressed at his level of performance in all areas of his job!


Business Owner | Orange County, CA

I love working with (cg)...he is smart, quick, down to earth, hard working, motivating, easy to work with, etc. His ideas for our business blows me away.


Business Owner | Spring Hill, TN

(cg) helped me gain a new perspective on my brand and business.


Author | Nashville, TN

(cg) is phenomenal! He truly cares about you and your business and takes care of the big things and also helps you weed through and pinpoint the small things. Corey helped me simplify everything!


Business Owner | Spring Hill, TN

Corey helps you break down the necessary steps to get your business unstuck and moving in the right direction, I recommend him and his skill set highly.

Dr. Steve

Business Owner | Murfreesboro, TN

(cg) build my brand from the ground up. They gave me the platform I needed to grow my business.


Business Owner | Spring Hill, TN

(cg) knows marketing inside and out and their strategy works!


Business Owner | Gulf Shores, AL

Simply amazing. (cg) knows how to make a website stand out. Thank you!


Producer | Los Angeles, CA
We focus on delivering value and helping our clients achieve result

Our clients and partners are small businesses, mission-oriented organizations, exciting start-ups, driven entrepreneurs, leaders, rockstars, thriving small businesses, and cool brands who are passionate about what they do and deliver value to their audience. Ranging from startups to companies earning millions, they all have a vision of where they want to go and see value investing in the people and resources needed to get there.

Here is a typical Consulting client story for us:


Let’s say you fit one of these scenarios:

  • You’re a startup or new entrepreneur looking to build your brand and grow your business.
  • You’re an established business wanting to grow, increase sales, and improve customer engagement.
  • You’re a thriving business wanting help managing your brand and marketing so you can get more done.

Our Brand Marketing Plan Approach:

(cg) meets with you weekly or bi-weekly via phone, Zoom, or in-person and works through the following focus areas until success is achieved:

1. Develop Your Strategy: With your collaboration, (cg) helps clarify your goals, analyzes your situation, identifies opportunities for growth, creates strategic plans to move forward, and develops effective brand solutions to help grow your business and achieve your business, brand, and marketing goals.

2. Strengthen Your Presentation: (cg) will help you clarify your message, strengthen your presentation, and position your brand and business for growth. If presentation enhancements are needed, he can guide and manage the in-house team through the development and design of the needed content and touchpoints. If you don’t have in-house resources available, we can build a team or provide agency resources to develop and design the elements needed. With your input, we can ensure the presentation aligns with the brand and represents the business objectives before marketing efforts are deployed.

3. Promote Your Business: Here, (cg) will manage your brand, content, and marketing. We can work with your in-house marketing team or build an integrated outsourced program that fits your budget and specific needs. (cg) will partner with you to implement the plan, manage resources, keep focused on the goals, and provide ongoing brand and marketing support.

*Executing the hands-on work involves using additional internal and/or external agency resources.

Corey Gonzalez cg brand solutions marketing consultant strategy New Layer I provide guidance, support, and strategic brand marketing solutions to help clients move forward and achieve results. Let's Talk! or send a message Hello, I'm (cg)