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Who We Are

We are a creative marketing agency in the greater Nashville area. We specialize in digital media, web design, branding, and marketing services aimed at helping individuals, businesses and brands get noticed and build their platform. We started out as S1 Studios back in 2003, helping artist and brands make music and get noticed in Los Angeles & Orange County, CA. What we do it simple. Why we do it makes us different. Over the years we located to Nashville, TN and evolved into a creative agency and marketing firm. We are customer focused, professional, caring, and aim to add significant value to every client we serve.

What We Believe

We believe every professional, business, and brand has an opportunity to stand out and reach customers. We believe there is a right way to marketing and we want to help our clients shape their story or brand message to connect with their audience.

Why We Exist

(cg) Brand Solutions exists to help businesses and brands get to where they want to be.

Where We Work

We are located in Nashville, TN and serve clients throughout the United States.
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Hi, I'm Corey Gonzalez
a.k.a. (cg)
I provide Brand Marketing Support & Management to awesome clients throughout the United States.

What I Do

I help businesses and brands achieve results get noticed grow

Too many businesses and organizations operate below their potential. They either have a vision for where they want to be and need help to position their brand for success or need help marketing what they do best. To help them tap into their potential, I created the Brand Marketing Support Plan for those looking for the right blend of marketing support and management to grow.

Clients of the Brand Marketing Support Plan gain access to our main services and I serve as their dedicated Marketing Director, Brand Manager, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or whatever name sounds right. I develop a plan and design the necessary brand, marketing, and management solutions based on the clients objectives and budget. We provide a ton of services and the client pays one monthly price. Some services I execute myself, others I lean on team members. In some cases, the design and digital media projects go above and beyond the scope of this plan and we need to treat them as separate one-time projects, but I am always there to manage and oversee the planning, development, and execution of the project(s).

My primary aim is to build brand equity with the client’s target audience and generate revenue by increasing sales through successful marketing market research, communications, advertising, and public relations.

How I Do It

My involvement is based on the plan selected and I provide the following:

  • Access to main (cg) services
  • Manage overall brand & marketing project(s) and resources
  • Manage result and progress goal(s) for all marketing project(s)
  • Create, manage, review, and analyze brand and marketing strategy
  • Implement the marketing strategy and increase brand awareness
  • Develop a feasible marketing plan and oversee the implementation
  • Design, drive and coordinate campaigns across appropriate channels
  • Control the marketing budget for all projects and initiatives
  • Point of contact for all marketing and branding topics
  • Execute marketing campaigns and track results
  • Produce high-quality content in-line with overall strategy and objectives
  • Measure the performance KPIs of activities and campaigns against goals
  • Provide ongoing reporting and develop actionable insight