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Who We Are

We are a brand marketing management & consulting company in the greater Nashville area. For over 18 years (cg) has helped businesses, organizations, and brands grow and get noticed. We specialize in providing brand management solutions and digital marketing services, delivering value for our clients and their customers. Our story started back in 2003, when (cg) launched S1, helping artists and brands make music and get noticed in Los Angeles & Orange County, CA. Over the years, we produced, managed, and participated in hundreds of projects and helped countless artists, professionals, businesses, and brands achieve results along the way. What we do is simple. Why we do it makes us different. In 2015, (cg) Brand Solutions was created to help support S1 and provide brand management and marketing consulting to additional clients.

What We Believe

We believe strategy is #1 way to success and every professional, business, and brand has an opportunity to stand out and connect with customers. Often, too many small businesses operate below their potential. They struggle with positioning their brand for success or marketing what they do best.

Why We Exist

(cg) Brand Solutions exists to help businesses and brands build, grow, and get to where they want to be.

Where We Work

We are located in Nashville, TN and serve clients in the US.

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While every client's needs vary, here's how we approach most branding and marketing projects.

Research & Analyze

We begin by digging deep to understand where your brand is today, audit your messaging, conversation, media, technology, competition, and brand architecture, then identify the gaps.


Concept & Strategy

In this stage, we define the brand message, vision, and mission. We work together on your language, position, target market, and other aspects that go into writing your brand brief and creative brief.

Design & Brand

This is where your brand comes to life. We design the look and feel of your brand, giving it an identity that fits with the big idea and the overall message. We also design all the touchpoints that will be used to market your brand.


Market & Advertise

Once the touchpoints have been established, we can develop a brand-specific marketing strategy and advertising plan to achieve your business, brand, and marketing goals. From there you can have us implement and manage your marketing program or guide you through the process.