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We Help Brands Grow

Welcome to CG Brand Solutions

We provide brand marketing solutions and support to 6, 7, & 8 figure clients throughout the United States.

We’ve been helping professionals, businesses, and brands simplify and grow since 2003.

Our services
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We help you grow your

Business & Brand

We’ve been helping professionals, businesses, and brands grow and succeed for over 20 years. By providing strategic business and brand consulting services, we help our clients build their brands, grow their businesses, and maximize their unique potential.

  • Vision & Mission
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Systems
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Presentation & Design
  • Brand Management
  • Marketing Planning
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Mgmt
  • Email Marketing
  • Content & Digital Media

We’re Brand Marketing Specialists

This is what we do best.

We build and activate brands through cultural insight, strategic vision, and the power of emotion across every element.

Analysis & Advice

We can help you identify issues, solve complex problems and find unique opportunities to grow and get you closer to where you want to be.

Strategy & Planning

We can assist in developing a brand marketing strategy that is aligned with your vision, mission, and goals for the future.

Growth & Development

We can help you strengthen your current business, brand, and marketing systems or start from scratch and develop from the ground up.

So, how we do it. The consulting process.

As a consumer focused business consulting & brand marketing agency serving clients throughout the United States, we look to engage with our clients beyond the conventional design and development agency relationship, becoming a partner to the people and companies we work with.

The process

1 1


Define Objective

First, we clearly define the objective, goal, or desired outcome that you would like to achieve.

2 2


Identify Opportunity

Then, we clearly identify the problems, issues, and unique opportunities available.

3 3


Develop Solution

Then, we develop a solution to solve the problem or move the project forward.

4 4


Deliver Solution/Plan

Then we can deliver the solution or plan to be implemented and repeat the phases until the objective and/or goal is achieved.

Why We Exist

While running your business can be a bit chaotic, marketing your brand doesn’t have to be. We develop strategic solutions that simplify the brand marketing journey for our clients and provide the guidance and support they need to build their brand and grow their business.

Learn more about us

Years of experience

Years of experience
People and projects
Passion and drive
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About us

We provide expertise and solutions to help our clients grow and succeed!

Everything we do is in an effort to help our clients reach their business, brand, and marketing goals. Our strategies and brand marketing solutions are designed to help our clients grow and deliver significant value for all involved.

We work closely with business owners, c-suite, and high-level staff to provide integrated management and brand marketing support that can grow with their company.


We work with awesome clients!


Our clients and service partners are 6, 7 & 8 figure small businesses, mission-oriented organizations, exciting start-ups, driven entrepreneurs, leaders, professionals, rockstars, thriving small businesses, and cool brands who are passionate about what they do and deliver value to their audience.

Our past has stretched across multiple industries throughout the US involving:


Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Professionals, Creatives, Web Designers, Developers, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Videographers, Producers, Musicians, Actors, Performers, Artists, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents, Asset Managers, Property Managers, Retail Stores, Construction Companies, IT Companies, Software Companies, Consulting Companies, Advertising Agencies, Marketing Agencies, Creative Agencies, Printers, Recording Studios, Restaurants, Bakeries, Multi-Level Marketing Companies, Chambers of Commerce, Government Officials, Boards, Non-Profits, Ministries, and Churches.

The getting started process is simple.


Submit a request and share some details. Then we’ll either schedule a discovery call or discuss your situation via email to verify we’re a good fit. From there we’ll be able to develop a plan to move forward.

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