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Who We Are

We are a brand marketing management & consulting company in the greater Nashville area. For over 18 years (cg) has helped businesses, organizations, and brands grow and get noticed. We specialize in providing brand management solutions and digital marketing services, delivering value for our clients and their customers. Our story started back in 2003, when Corey Gonzalez, a.k.a. (cg), and his team launched S1, helping artists and brands make music and get noticed in Los Angeles & Orange County, CA. We produced, managed, and participated in hundreds of projects and helped countless artists, professionals, businesses, and brands achieve results along the way. In 2015, we narrowed our focus from a 360˚ music label, recording studio, and full-service creative agency to a brand marketing agency and relocated to operations to Nashville, TN.

Today, we provide brand management solutions and digital marketing services focused on delivering value for our clients and their customers. We are brand-focused, customer-focused, and most of all, value-focused.

What We Believe

We believe strategy is step #1 on the path to success and every professional, business, and brand has an opportunity to stand out and connect with their customers. Often, businesses operate below their potential. They struggle with positioning their brand for success or marketing what they do best.

Why We Exist

(cg) Brand Solutions exists to help clients and partners build, grow, and get to where they want to be.

Where We Work

We are based in Nashville, TN and serve clients in the US.

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business coaching brand marketing consultant franklin, tn 1-ON-1 COACHING TO HELP YOU GET FOCUSED & MOVE FORWARD We provide coaching to help professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners gain clarity and achieve results. GET STARTED NOW
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Our executive and business coaching is the best place to start if you want to move forward and grow, but are not sure your next step. By booking a Focus/Clarity Session with (cg), you’ll gain access to his 18+ years of leadership, business development, and brand marketing expertise, strategy, advice, guidance, and insight.

Corey Gonzalez a.k.a. (cg) will serve as your strategist, consultant, and/or business coach helping you gain clarity, boost your focus, and develop a plan to move forward. He’ll provide a framework to keep the session productive and help you get closer to where you want to be.

If you’re 100% clear on your vision and want ongoing strategy or consulting sessions, see our Consulting Plan!

You'll get a Focus session with (cg) and he'll help you gain clarity and move forward

The goal of this session is to help you gain clarity, streamline your ideas, refine your vision, boost your confidence, make progress, and break through your barriers. During this first meeting, we’ll also discuss the most effective way for you to receive support and your next steps.

We Help You & Your Business Move Forward!

(cg) can help you:
✓ Deep dive into what is most valuable to you
✓ Clarify your vision, BIG goals, desired outcomes, and destination
✓ Identify problems or roadblocks that cause you to get stuck
✓ Discover your route and identify the next action steps you’d like to take
✓ Shift your mindset and boost your overall well-being and performance

Start with a Focus/Clarity Session!
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Corey Gonzalez a.k.a. (cg) can serve you as a strategist, consultant, and business coach, helping you move forward and achieve results.


AStrategist provides big picture planning, analysis, guidance, and strategic planing that helps you reach your goals. They also offer clarity in the form of strategy to navigate next steps.


A Consultant provides expertise, knowledge, solutions, and an outside perspective that not only saves you time and money, but often helps you realize something you didn’t see before.

Business Coach

A Business Coach provides support, goal planning, and accountability to business leaders helping them clarify their vision, identify strengths and weaknesses, and optimize performance..

Here Are The Main Reasons Why You Should Book a Focus/Clarity Session

Entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders often get so caught up in their activity; they can no longer see the forest through the trees. It’s not necessarily their fault, with so many positions to fill it can be extremely hard to stay focused on the task at hand while managing the big picture. This is why Focus/Clarity Sessions are vital for anyone who wants to perform at their best.

Perhaps you feel stuck or lack clarity in your situation. Maybe you know where you want to be but struggle with developing a plan of how to get there. Maybe you know what to do, but need more accountability or support to take action. If you want to get focused, identify your next step, and move forward, you should book a Focus/Clarity Session with (cg).

Gain clarity and increase your focus

Have a clear picture of your future and a plan to move forward

Breakthrough your barriers and get unstuck

Be empowered to take action and make significant progress toward your destination

Increase your confidence so you can perform at a higher level or maximize your potential

Check out what some of our clients say:

We are passionate about what we do and care a lot about helping our clients and partners succeed.

Corey is extremely knowledgeable in his field! He is able to simplify marketing, branding, and messaging so that you feel empowered to execute it in your everyday work life. His ability to see the big picture and then create actionable steps is priceless.


Spring Hill Chamber | Spring Hill, TN

Corey's knowledge and expertise never ceases to amaze me. I am very impressed at his level of performance in all areas of his job!


Business Owner | Orange County, CA

I love working with (cg)...he is smart, quick, down to earth, hard working, motivating, easy to work with, etc. His ideas for our business blows me away.


Business Owner | Spring Hill, TN

(cg) helped me gain a new perspective on my brand and business.


Author | Nashville, TN

(cg) is phenomenal! He truly cares about you and your business and takes care of the big things and also helps you weed through and pinpoint the small things. Corey helped me simplify everything!


Business Owner | Spring Hill, TN

Corey helps you break down the necessary steps to get your business unstuck and moving in the right direction, I recommend him and his skill set highly.

Dr. Steve

Business Owner | Murfreesboro, TN

(cg) build my brand from the ground up. They gave me the platform I needed to grow my business.


Business Owner | Spring Hill, TN

(cg) knows marketing inside and out and their strategy works!


Business Owner | Gulf Shores, AL

Simply amazing. (cg) knows how to make a website stand out. Thank you!


Producer | Los Angeles, CA
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We’re focused on helping our clients move forward, grow, and achieve their goals.

Corey Gonzalez cg brand solutions marketing consultant strategy New Layer I provide guidance, support, and strategic brand marketing solutions to help clients move forward and achieve results. Let's Talk! or send a message Hello, I'm (cg)